About Us

Let your Creativity run Rampant. 

“I don’t run from my problems. I sit on my chair, start my sewing machine, and ignore them like an adult.” 

What quilter can’t relate to that statement? Here at Patches Quilt Shop, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for to help complete your one project (Shh, we won’t tell anyone about the other thirty!) 

We’re located in the quaint southern Utah town of Panguitch, where quilting runs unrestrained. 

It all started in 1863 when a harsh winter hit, and the men of the town had to trudge through deep snow for miles to the closet town, Parowan. Looking for a way to brace themselves from falling through the snow, they knelt on quilts the women of Panguitch had made, to pray, and then realized the quilt acted as a platform against the snow. From there, they laid the quilts down to walk on, all the way to Parowan. 

Our small town is famous for our “Quilt Walk” so of course, we needed a quilt shop! 

Since we have opened, we’ve sold to people from all over the world, and have expanded beyond our expectations. 

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As always, Happy Quilting! 

We make sure that if there’s something you need for your latest project, we can help you find it! 

If you need a specific color, pattern, basic, or even a specific bolt for that ONE collection that you started on and you’re short 1/3 yard, chances are we have it! At almost 7000 bolts of Fabric on our floor (Not even including our panels) we’ve been able to find fabric for the most precise of projects here. 

Our customers always come first. 

Being based out of a small town, we’ve learned quilt shops are similar to barbers. When you find your shop, that’s your place to find all your quilting means. You guys take care of us, so we do everything in our power to take care of you! 

Have Fun!

If you’re looking for that specific fabric to finish out your latest project, or if you got a new pattern for Christmas and want to find the most perfect gnome line to make it, we hope we’re your shop! In the descriptions for all our items, you’ll find the item and color codes for each bolt of fabric. Please remember, we are first and foremost a brick-and-mortar store. So as a disclaimer, please be aware we will try to meet your request, but can’t always guarantee that our systems inventory is exact. If we don’t have enough material to meet your needs, we will contact you after it has been measured out and either figure out a replacement fabric or issue a refund.  
Thank you for visiting Patches Quilt Shop, we hope you enjoy browsing! 

20% off all kits online and in-store from 4/22/24 to 5/04/24!
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